Storytelling, is one of our favourite things. Whether you want to live stream your event/play/conference or take some more time to craft it for a later release, let our experienced film team help you achieve your vision with your brand story. With both long and short format experience, we are well positioned to help you on your next visual project.

Live Streaming
Platform Management

LIVE STREAMING contains many variables that one would not necessarily take into account. Luckily, we do. Below you’ll find a list of a few of those variables that not only enhances the experience but also makes it much more user friendly.

  • TIMERS – Online and in person streams.
  • A TELEPROMPTER – To help participants remember all the important information and keep eye-line with the camera.
  • USE OF POLLS – In Zoom during webinars for audience input/feedback even in strictly online streams.
  • CLICKERS – Both Physical and Virtual. 
  • MENTIMETER – Another polls platform we can provide for live audience interaction on multiple platforms.

STREAMING SERVICES are spoiled for choice when it comes to the platforms one can use for the end product. We also use more than one platform depending on our client’s needs. 

  • VMIX is used as our main streaming control center. We can stream Zoom into Vmix and then back into Zoom for the more professional look and feel. (Main platform used at Allan Gray and similar institutions).
  • STREAMYARD and HOPIN are also our preferred platforms for streaming when it comes to strictly online conferences, hybrid conferences or if the content needs to be sent to multiple media platforms like YouTube and Facebook/META. 
A clear VISION of what needs to be achieved. We will help facilitate this process if needed, but clear, consistent communication, within the timeframe is important.
A set AGENDA of the stream to eliminate any confusion on broadcast day.
PROPER INTERNET CONNECTION. Hardline (ethernet) is the recommended connection for optimum streaming experience. Wi-Fi can also be used however; it is not as stable as a hardline connection and participants are at risk of dropping out of the stream or may experience latency issues which are noticeable on broadcast.
A DRY-RUN is highly recommended. This helps participants and the production team get comfortable with the flow of the broadcast, working together and provides time to correct, adjust or improve the broadcast before the actual stream day.
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